Mahindra SSG

Division of Mahindra Defence Systems Limited
(100 % Owned Subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra Limited)

Mahindra Special Services Group is India’s leading corporate security risk consulting firm that helps organizations reduce risk and enhance competitive advantage. With a core team comprising of ex-forces officers and domain experts, MSSG’s risk mitigation advisories enable major corporate clients to secure their physical and information assets.

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Our Services

We address your risk exposure on strategic and operational fronts to create a strong security framework.

Information Security Management Services

The ever-expanding information landscape demands superior security. We help you evaluate the information eco-systems - People, Process, Technology and Third Parties to arrive at appropriate solutions. Our solutions strengthen your organisation’s core information systems besides building a resilient enterprise.

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Physical Security Advisory

The strategic and operational efficiency of your organisation hinges on a secure physical environment. We bridge security gaps with reliable physical infrastructure. Nipping security threats in the bud, your organisation's security is our foremost priority.

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Fraud Risk Management

Frauds can have a devastating impact be it financial or reputational. To ensure integrity and transparency, we develop preventive measures to eliminate fraud risks. We foster strategies that guarantee strong governance.

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