Electronic Counter Surveillance

Electronic Counter Surveillance (ECS) sweep checks critical chambers (senior management cabins, conference / meeting rooms, board room etc) for presence of electronic eavesdropping devices, to prevent leakage of sensitive information. The chambers are checked for unauthorized audio or video listening devices, faulty telephone line/instrument and audio leakage, if any.

A team of trained and experienced professionals using state-of-the-art detection equipment is deployed on the site. The team begins by understanding the existing radio transmission eco-system in the vicinity of the premises, before beginning the actual assessment operations. The assessment would adopt a ‘detection’ approach to identify and zoom on to any existing threats of audio or video surveillance devices. This would include the under-mentioned aspects/areas:

  • Physical Inspection
  • Radio Frequency Transmission
  • Infra Red Transmission
  • Carrier Current Transmitters
  • Telephone Bugs
  • Passive Device Detection
  • Acoustic Leakages