Event and Executive Protection

In today’s turbulent times, each event that can create a sensational media impact is vulnerable to attack. Security of major event locations and especially the security of visitors and participants becomes paramount and must receive the highest priority. MSSG has the capability to come up with solutions to combine the effectiveness of people, processes and technology in the Indian context to create a optimised security system design for event and executive protection. MSSG provides hand-picked, well-trained and groomed ex Special Forces operatives to ensure highest quality protection for our select clientele. The services provided in this field are:

  • Assess executive / event risk exposure and express it in tangible terms; war-game various possible contingencies.
  • Formulate and implement a protection strategy that provides utmost security while respecting confidentiality & privacy.
  • Initiate pre-planned responses in case of foreseen contingencies and advise suitable responses during unplanned emergencie
  • Provide event and executive protection, back end support and travel advisory & guidance.