Physical Security Practice

We offer advisories and professional services to help client organizations manage strategic and operational risks. Our range of services include:

Security Environment Study

A study of the physical security environment in terms of geographical location, rail, road and air infrastructure, administrative and police set-up, medical and fire fighting facilities, demography, labour and crime scenario, macro and micro internal security situation.

Risk Assessment

Involves assessing security related risks from internal and external threats to an entity, its assets or personnel. Risk assessment provides the assessment team a relative risk profile that defines which assets are at the greatest risk against specific threats.

Security System Design

Generation of options directly associated with and responsive to the major risks. Preventive, detective and compensatory controls are recommended to address identified vulnerabilities. The system design process can be applied to the complete life cycle of a project ranging from pre construction to operational stage. The holistic design process leads to reduction in ‘Total Cost of Ownership’.

Tendering Support

Preparation of cost estimate for technology and security personnel based on security design, BOQ and detailed specifications suitable for competitive bidding and analysis of received bids to ensure compliance with approved specifications and terms.

Commissioning Support

Is concerned with system acceptance tests to ensure compliance with approved design documents, assistance in selection of security agency and drafting of security manual to ensure integration of security people, process and technology.


Training of security personnel and awareness sessions for employees for observation of security codes / norms and guidelines for personal security.

Crisis Management

Provide trained and experienced personnel to deal with actual crisis, emergencies and assist in damage control.