Technical Advisory Services

Information Technology is the lifeline of most businesses today. Any hostile attack on the communication infrastructure could disrupt business operations and severely hurt the company’s brand image and credibility in the market. Mahindra Special Services Group analyzes possibility of vector attacks and designs proactive solutions that prevent and mitigate technology risks, thereby enhancing the overall competitiveness of an organization’s technology infrastructure.

What We Do

We help our clients De -risk their technology infrastructure in following ways:

  • We analyze threats and identify the gaps in the current technology setup.
  • We help formulate and implement a ‘De-risking’ strategy that decreases attack surface and helps mitigate risks taking into consideration the clients business requirements.
  • We assist in building a ‘Security Roadmap’ in accordance to criticality of threats and clients requirements.
  • Finally, we help our clients sustain a good technology security posture and handhold them through implementation and sustenance phases by carrying out periodic reviews.

How We Do This

  • MSSG helps to Identify, classify technology risks and build a secure , scalable and sustainable technology infrastructure according to ‘Technology Security Roadmap Framework’.
  • Our Technology infrastructure Review helps determine technology requirements and evaluate business dependence on technology and helps understand the current technology setup.
  • Our Vulnerability Assessment helps discover gaps in the current technology infrastructure setup.
  • Our team conducts Penetration Testing to determine the extent to which a vulnerability can be exploited and the resulting damage thereof. This includes:
    • Internal VA/PT - Determine technology risks and find gaps within the network perimeter.
    • External VA/PT - Determine technology risks and find gaps outside the network perimeter.
    • Web Infrastructure VA/PT - Determine technology risks and find gaps within the DMZ hosted infrastructure such as application servers, websites and web applications.
  • MSSG also helps to analyse and suggest suitable remedial measures taking into consideration clients requirements so as to ascertain that suggested remedial measures are synergistic to business operations.
  • We offer Implementation Assistance to design and lay down timelines for secure technology infrastructure rollout based on criticality and mitigation requirements of risks.
  • We conduct regular Technology Audits, which take into consideration a client’s technology assets as well as aspects related to technology processes, thereby maintaining a proactive security posture.
  • MSSG also develops and delivers Customized technology based training programs for guardians of organizations’ information technology and communications infrastructure

How Our Clients Benifit

  • A robust comprehensive assessment model ensures that virtually all risks are addressed and measured accurately.
  • Our experience in executing the assessments ensures that “interdependent” risks are captured as well.
  • The approach we use is more partnership driven due to which business requirements are taken into consideration and aligned with business goals of the clients.